Disinfectant Services

A Total Cleaning Solution for Industrial / Commercial / Residential
Your Premises May Look Neat & Clean

Hitech Providing 2 Types of Disinfectant Services based on Requirement of Customers.

i) UV Irradiation

Our Disinfection Lamp will sterilize any Surface with Powerful UVC Light & Kills up to 99% of Surface Germs & Bacteria including the Corona Virus (COVID-19) in seconds by destroying their Nucleic Acids & disturbing their DNA.

UV Rays destroy the DNA of Bacteria & Viruses and play a role in Disinfection & Sterilization. Continues low doses of far UVC Light can kill Airborne Flu Viruses without harming Human Tissues.

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ii) Water based Disinfection Service

A) Spraying Process
Spraying Process is used for Wide area disinfecting. It quickly removes dirt, grime, foot radius, blood and other organic matter. Our Spray systems will enable you to quickly clean and disinfect facility. A protective liquid sprays on to the living & non living surfaces to disinfect & sanitize the object. The process increases the deposition efficiency & near complete coverage.

b) Fogging Process
Fogging machine is used for fogging all types of water based disinfectant is closed room. This machine breaks the disinfectaning liquid in to very fine particles, which remain suspended in the Air for a longtime and increases the contact time of the disinfectant with micro organisms in the air. The small particle rise also ensures that there is minimum biting of the surface.
Particle Size – 0.1 – 10 microns

Our Sprays & Disinfectants

a) Silver Hydrogen Peroxide based Disinfectant

Eco-Friendly Disinfectant & Sanitizer with Synergy of Hydrogen Peroxide Stabilized with Silver Nitride. The Solution degrades to Oxygen & Water. Our Unique Solution is Non – toxic, Bio degradable. Silver attacks the Enzymes of the Microorganism and internal Organ (DNA) to grime better Disinfectant & Multiple oxidation Power. Effective against all types of microns including COVID-19.

Our Solution is Chlorine free, Eco- friendly, Bio degradable, Non Greasy, leaves no residues, strains or harmful frames & No irritating scent or odour.

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Silver Hydrogen Peroxide based Disinfectant
Silver Hydrogen Peroxide based Disinfectant

b) Quaternary Ammonium Based Disinfectant

Quaternary ammonium compounds are another class of Disinfectant that will attack the lipid structure of the viral envelope. Bleach & other potent oxidizers break down the virus’s essential components. It claims, disinfects, Sanitizes, Deodorize, Effective against CORONA Virus within 10 minutes of contact time.

Our Solution is Eco – friendly, Non Acidic, Blue colour with Minty Fragrance.

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C) Sodium Hypochlorite Based Disinfectant

Sodium Hypochlorite is effective in killing Bacteria, Fungi, and Virus (Including COVID 19). It Inactivates microorganisms & recommended for surface disinfection in Healthcare Facilities, Industrial Environment, Public Spaces.